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Our Mission

The overall goal of Dream Canada Visa is to provide clear and trustworthy Canadian immigration advice to help people’s Canadian immigration dreams to come true.

Dream Canada Visa works with people from all nationalities but specializes in providing assistance to Cambodians.

How we help canadian dreams

Perhaps one of the most important way Dream Canada Visa helps people with their Canadian dreams is to help save money and time.  At Dream Canada Visa we understand how Canadian immigration law works, and this allows us to advise our clients on what they can do or should avoid in order to help them achieve their Canadian immigration goals in less time and with less expense.

This includes helping students to recognize how their specific academic choices might impact their overall immigration plan.  It is not unusual for clients to save tens of thousands of dollars in tuition costs through consultation with Dream Canada Visa.

Similarly, Dream Canada Visa helps clients who want to visit Canada or clients who want to sponsor family members to Canada understand what they can do to make the process easier and increase their chance of a successful outcome.  If a client’s application is likely to result in a refusal, Dream Canada Visa can advise and warn about that outcome before the client has spent hundreds or thousands of dollars on a situation with very little hope of a positive result.

Bopha's Dream

Bopha* had graduated from university in Cambodia several years before she discovered Dream Canada Visa.  After graduating, she was unable to find a very good job, and she began to consider getting an international education to improve her future, and studying in Canada was her first choice.

When thinking about additional education, she had to main concerns.  First, she was worried that she might be too old to study.  Second, she knew that she would need to improve her English skills before she would be ready to study in Canada.

After meeting with Dream Canada Visa, she learned that it was not uncommon for older students to study in Canada – even international students.  It was possible for such students to get a study permit if their study permit application was prepared properly.

She also learned that it was possible for her to get accepted into a Canadian college or university WITHOUT an IELTS test, and then she could travel to Canada, study English in Canada (where she could learn language more quickly), and then transfer into the academic program of her choice.

The final great news that Bopha found out about was that by studying in Canada, she could gain the ability to work in Canada which would increase her chance of becoming a Canadian permanent resident.

Bopha asked Dream Canada Visa to assist her in applying to a Canadian school and preparing her study permit application, and she is now studying in Canada.

Another Canadian dream that has come true!

The Dream of Sophat
and Voleak

Sophat* and Voleak* first met in 2008 when Sophat traveled with his family to Cambodia.  Sophat and Voleak fell in love shortly after meeting, and in 2009 Sophat returned to Cambodia to marry Voleak.

The next step in building their dreams was for Sophat to sponsor Voleak to live with him  in Canada.  With the help of an unauthorized advisor, Sophat prepared and submitted a sponsorship application.

Because he did not clearly understand how to complete the application, there were some problems, and these problems led to an immigration interview for Voleak.

Because Voleak did not know how to prepare for the interview, the interview went badly, and the immigration officer decided that the marriage was fake, so the application was refused.

Sophat tried to appeal the refused application, but he was unsuccessful in correcting the problems from the sponsorship application or the interview of Voleak, so the appeal was denied.  He and Voleak were stuck living in two different countries!

Eventually Sophat discovered Dream Canada Visa.  After an examination of the history of his case, Dream Canada Visa agreed to work with Sophat to try and resolve the problems although it was agreed on both sides that it was a difficult case.

A correctly prepared and supported application to sponsor was submitted in early 2019.  By the end of the year Voleak was once again asked to attend an interview, but this time she was well prepared and the interview was fantastic and ended with the immigration officer telling her that her application was approved.

A few months later Voleak joined Sophat in Canada and another Canadian immigration dream came true!

* The stories are true, but the names have been changed to protect privacy.  Dream Canada Visa always protects client confidentiality.

Our Credentials

Dream Canada Visa is led by Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant (RCIC) Richard Hoogendoorn, a consultant authorized to provide Canadian immigration advice by the College of Immigration and Citizenship Consultants (CICC).  Richard Hoogendoorn is a member in good standing of CICC.

Because many people dream of going to Canada, they can easily become victims of fraud or even just unqualified people who think they can give Canadian immigration advice.  CICC was created to protect people from bad and/or incompetent advisors.  It does this by regulating who is allowed to give Canadian immigration advice and ensuring those with permission have adequate education and knowledge.

Our team

Richard Hoogendoorn, RCIC

Richard is the Regulated Canadian Immigration Consultant at Dream Canada Visa and is responsible for preparation of all immigration applications.

Rida Photo


Rida is Richard's wife as well as his Canadian assistant and advisor on all Cambodian issues. When people in Canada need help in Khmer, Rida is the one to talk to.


Boramey runs the Cambodian office. She can help people in Khmer or English and is usually the first point of contact for people in Cambodia.

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