canada immigration information

What type of Canadian dream do you have?

People have three types of Canadian immigration dreams:

Temporary immigration

Permanent immigration

Canadian citizenship

Temporary Immigration dreams

The three types of temporary immigration dreams:

  • Dreams for visitors
  • Dreams for students
  • Dreams for workers

Sometimes a Canadian dream can start out as a temporary dream and change into a permanent immigration dream.

Permanent Immigration Dreams

The two main ways for people to become Canadian permanent residents are through skills immigration or family sponsorship.

If you have employment or entrepreneurial skills that are in demand in Canada, you might be able to use those skills to become a Canadian permanent resident.

If you have the right type of family member in Canada, that person may be able to sponsor you to be a Canadian permanent resident.

Canadian permanent residents have many of the same rights and privileges as Canadian citizens, but they cannot vote, and they must in Canada at least 40% of the time.

Canadian Citizenship Dreams

If you were not already born a Canadian citizen, then the only way to be come a citizen of Canada is to first be a permanent resident.

After being a permanent resident for an amount of time, it is possible to become a Canadian citizen after completing an application. 

There may be some additional requirements such as showing that you are knowledgeable about Canada and that you are able to communicate in either English or French.